check in
This is an old photo of George, but we received a new update on how he is adjusting in his new forever sanctuary.

“George is doing great. He is so much fun to watch. I did have to rescue him once from the thuggish security team who had sort of cornered him. But he was holding his own when I ran over to assist. He is so much heavier than any of our other geese that I think they will learn not to push him around. And that he is totally not aggressive and just wants to be friends with everyone. He was out all day Sunday and most of Monday. George is waddling all over the place, sometimes with his team, sometimes solo. George Burns, Gracie, Big Boy and Tyrell are nice to him, but it will be several weeks for all five to feel that they are a real unit. So far, so good though!”

It sounds like he is doing really well so far! We were happy to get an update and hear that he is being a sweet, friendly guy. Good boy, George.