Benson is feeling well-enough for you to call him Benny now. He is putting weight on his foot, but still limping. He’ll go back to the vet for a check-up when we can get him in.

Reggie is doing great. He is finally done with his hacking cough, and he loves being outside.

Reggie is a little bit of a biter, as you can see in this video. This is a very common problem with male muscovy ducks, especially if they were hand-raised.

Both Reggie & Benny are really sweet though, and they love attention. My own O’Malley is like this too, but I expect that more from him since I’ve had him since he was rescued at just a few days old. But I didn’t expect Benny & Reggie to be so sweet since they were dumped at a lake after they were fully grown.

They sure are sweet, though. And thankfully they’re doing well.

In other news, the Post-It Challenge continues at the office. Today I added “Pauline in distress” from Donkey Kong.

And the building across from us added “Link” from the Zelda games.

A coworker joined in the fun, and added a 6-window-wide display of the game Defender!

On Friday, KING 5 News said they might drop by and film a LIVE Post-It Challenge. I made them a little welcome window gift just in case.

Stay tuned.